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Our Logo

The Sterling Silvia logo is much more than what meets the eye. The design represents multiple ideas simultaneously to reflect the company’s history, founding, and mission. The logo consists of three separate parts to create a whole. There are two “S” to make up the sides of the fleur de lis and a middle center part. These two “S” stand for the obvious, Sterling Silvia. But what most people do...

The Origin of the Fleur de Lis

The name translates into English as " lily flower", and the symbol is in fact a stylized Iris  Pseudacorus I . . It was adopted by King Philip I of France in the 11th century. His grandson Louis VII was the first to adopt the Azure semé-de-lys Or (a blue shield with a tight pattern of small golden fleur-de-lis) as his badge, and this came to be so closely associated with his country that...
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