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The Sterling Silvia logo is much more than what meets the eye. The design represents multiple ideas simultaneously to reflect the company’s history, founding, and mission. The logo consists of three separate parts to create a whole. There are two “S” to make up the sides of the fleur de lis and a middle center part. These two “S” stand for the obvious, Sterling Silvia. But what most people do not realize is that it also represents the two women that have worked behind the scenes: Silvia Asturias, the founder and owner of the company; and also her daughter, Silvia Cristina, who has grown up in the family business learning the basics from watching her mother.  Then moving on to design jewelry for the business and branching off on her own following in her mothers footsteps. 

Juan Asturias, Silvia’s husband, is represented by the middle portion of the fleur de lis. He is seen as the “middle man” and Silvia’s right-hand. The Asturias family consists of only these three people – the separate components that make a whole. Juan is like the anchor that keeps and bonds the family together.

The fleur de lis itself is a symbol of strength and faith. During the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, the Asturias family and their business was faced with difficult challenges that tested these values. Nevertheless, the New Orleans community was able to come together during this time of crisis, and build a stronger and more faithful city.

Sterling Silvia is dedicated to provide the New Orleans community with high quality products and significance to the art of jewelry design. It is also important to the Asturias family that every person be treated more like family than a customer. The company has become known for going the extra mile to make sure that every customer feels special and leaves with a smile.

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