About Us

Sterling Silvia is a family owned and operated business by the Asturias family. A member of the Asturias family is usually always present at one or both stores. The Asturias family works hard to ensure that all customers have a joyous and wonderful shopping experience. 


Our Mission

Creating and designing unique and meaningful jewelry for fine ladies and gentlemen with a hint of inspiration from the finest city in America, New Orleans. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring joy into other people's lives and to help create wonderful memories. Our jewelry is inspired by New Orleans, our customers, our culture and history. It's not the piece of metal that makes jewelry so special, it's what inspired it, it's the person that is thinking about you, it's the special moment that becomes a wonderful memory, it's the reason why you wear it. We're here to change the way you think about jewelry. The metal may have value, but the memory you create with it is priceless.  

Juan and Silvia

Juan and Silvia Asturias moved from Guatemala to the U.S. in 1982..

They got married in Ft. Hood, Texas in 1983 while Juan was stationed there.

Like many young couples, they struggled to make ends meet. Juan was transferred to Korea , where Silvia joined him, despite the disapproval of his Army superiors. When he was stationed at Fort Polk, in western Louisiana, she worked three jobs to save money and plan for the future after his tour of duty ended.

They moved to New Orleans, where Juan enrolled in college and Silvia looked for work; no easy task in 1985, when the Louisiana oil economy was collapsing. They could have gone elsewhere, but they had fallen in love with New Orleans.

With $1200 she had left in her savings, Silvia bought a stash of jewelry from New York and set a table in the French Market; which in 1988 was more of a flea market that the outdoor merchandise mall is today.

The following year, Silvia and Juan were importing Guatemalan handicrafts such as belts, hats, barrettes, worry dolls and much more. Later on when their daughter Cristina reached school age Silvia returned to sell jewelry in the French Market.

Their success encouraged them to open their first indoor jewelry store in a building facing the French Market.

Sterling Silvia's focus is on silver jewelry from Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, Chile, Russia, along with a smattering of other items: handcrafted ceramic dolls, jewelry boxes from India, candles from US, wall plaques from Louisiana and other gift items. Silvia sells several lines of jewelry crafted in Taxco, Bali and Bangkok that she designed herself, which takes priority in Fleur de lis items and flower jewelry.

Silvia taught her daughter, Silvia Cristina, how to design jewelry. She has inspired her daughter to continue her work.