Angel of Grief (New design!)
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Angel of Grief (New design!) Angel of Grief (New design!) Angel of Grief (New design!)

Angel of Grief (New design!)

  • $139.99

The Angel of Grief is an 1894 sculpture by William Wetmore Story, which serves as the gravestone of the artist, and his wife at the Protestant Cemetery in Rome.

Replicas have been created all over the world including New Orleans. The Angel of Grief can be found in Hyams Monument in the Metairie Cemetery. The jewelry design is a slightly modified version of the original statue as it displays a fleur de lis on the gravestone. I decided to create this particular design in jewelry due to the tragic event that took place on August 29, 2005. During the immediate aftermath of hurricane Katrina, it was as if the city of New Orleans had died. I believe it's true... that a part of New Orleans did die on that fateful day. But even more importantly, I also believe that it was reborn and cleansed to become a better and stronger city. This is not a jewelry design that is meant to represent the mourning and devastation from hurricane Katrina, but rather celebrate the rebirth of our new home. It was an unfortunate rude awakening, yet blessings can sometimes be disguised through the most unlikely events. Not everyone may see it the way I do; nevertheless, it is hard not to notice the stronger and prouder community that New Orleans has turned out to be

Our newly designed piece for 2015 is double sided with the word "Hope" on the gravestone.